The Children’s University is an international charity devoted to helping children discover the fascinating world around them, and appreciate the real-world relevance of their school subjects. We encourage 5–14 year olds to take part in all kinds of activities outside of school, so that they can develop new interests, learn new skills and enjoy new experiences.

Our programme helps build:

  • Ambition, self esteem and confidence.
  • Curiosity and a love of learning.
  • Motivation and resilience.
  • Family learning.
  • Enhanced life experiences.

Alongside the Passport to Learning we have introduced the Passport to Volunteering, specifically designed for young people aged 15+. Our CU Volunteers record evidence of the time spent volunteering and are recognised and celebrated in the same way as our CU Learners through the presentation of CU Awards and Certificates.  CU Volunteering provides great opportunities to:

  • get involved in the local community
  • take part in a scheme partnered with the volunteering section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • share talents and discover new ones
  • develop and build experience for a CV and career development.

Bristol and South Gloucestershire Children’s University

Bristol and South Gloucestershire Children’s University is funded by UWE Bristol. We cover Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

We work with local communities to encourage all children - but particularly those who stand to benefit from it most - to take part in a variety of Learning Activities, delivered by our Learning Destination partners. Our ambition is to raise aspiration, boost achievement and foster a lifelong love of learning.

Taking part is voluntary, with a very different feel from school, involving different activities and locations.

Our school and child membership is growing - children, supported by their families, are happy to give up their free time to embrace new experiences. From the comments and recommendations of parents, teachers, learning providers, and the children themselves, we know they are engaged and inspired.

West of England Children's University Centres

Bristol and South Gloucestershire