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Food and Nutrition

Food for Health

  • Food is a basic requirement of life.
  • People choose different types of food.
  • We need a variety and balance of food to stay healthy

Food groups are the different categories of foods.

There are five major groups and eating a diet that contains all of them guarantees good health but you don’t have to consume food from all five groups at every meal, or even every day, because there are different proportions that you should eat – for example you need much more from the cereals group than from the dairy group.

You should try to eat a mix of foods from all five groups every day.  Take our Foodie Quiz to see how much do you know about the food groups and create your own balanced food plate.  Email photos to us at to get the code for 1 hour to upload to your e-passport.

Our Plate

Our Plate

Foodie Quiz ages 4 - 8

Foodie Quiz ages 9 - 15