Learning happens all the time - in lots of different places, at different times, and in different ways.

Children's University Learning Destinations are places or organisations providing high-quality learning opportunities and activities, to which children can ‘travel’ with their Passport to Learning. These are experiences with a real ‘wow’ factor that have passed our quality-assurance process (aka ‘Planning for Learning’).

There are two types of CU Learning Destination —  Public Learning Destinations and Restricted Learning Destinations. Both of these are required to provide activities that relate to a subject that you can study at a university for real. You can check this here.

Public Learning Destinations are places open to the public, including wildlife centres, zoos, historical interest sites, theatres and libraries. We have an ever-increasing number of Public Learning Destinations across the UK and abroad, where children can travel with their Passport to Learning.

Restricted Learning Destinations are places that aren’t open to the public, and include school-based out of hours learning clubs, uniformed organisations like Scouts and Guides, as well as various other local clubs.

In addition we run a range of activities linked to subjects that can be studied at university at various locations across the region throughout the school holidays.

Sponsor Children’s University

Bristol and South Gloucestershire Children’s University doesn’t get any direct funding from government. It is thanks to the generous sponsorship of UWE Bristol that we can keep administrative costs low, foster a strong sense of community and deliver a varied programme of activities for our members.

We are working with UWE Bristol and private learning partners, schools and children on complementary initiatives. These will enhance the core programme and make sure that children and families get all they can from taking part.

We will need more investment to realise our ambitions.

But we don’t just need financial support — services, venues and products as well as staff time, skills and expertise are just as important. We’ll work closely with you to create a bespoke package that suits all parties.

Would you like to support Children’s University?

Take a look at our "How to get involved" section, which provides a snapshot of some of the ways you could support Children’s University. If you would like further information please get in touch CU@uwe.ac.uk



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Who decides on the time eligible for each activity?
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