Buried Bones at MShed - Last chance to book

23rd June 2017

Calling all 10 - 14 year olds!  Join us at MShed on Sunday 2 July 10.15-11.15 for a fun packed workshop.

What can we learn from bones and bodies? Find out about the work of archaeologists and osteologists (bone scientists) using real and replica bone specimens in an interactive learning session that’s bound to have you gripped.

This workshop accompanies M Shed’s latest temporary exhibition, Skeletons: Our Buried Bones, so be quick to book a place.
The session will begin with a mock archaeological dig. Participants will then learn how to tell if a skeleton is male or female and how to work out a person’s height, using only one bone! They will also examine real and replica human and animal skulls to identify the difference between species.
During the session, you will:
• Develop an understanding of some of the science used by archaeologists and osteologists
• Gain an introduction to scientific techniques used in the field and the lab
• Handle replica human bones and use these to make predictions about the human body
• Look at real animal bones and compare the skeletons of different species

As part of your trip to M Shed
After your workshop, why not also visit Skeletons: Our Buried Bones? The exhibition, about 12 human skeletons includes an exploratory ‘lab’ space revealing some of the science behind the stories displayed. The exhibition is a ‘pay what you think’ exhibition. NB. There may be a short queue at busy times. 

All of this for only £5 per person

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